The Top 9 Medical Apps for Doctors

There has been a popular trend of using the mobile application for monitoring the health of an individual. This will help in ensuring that we get the precise reading regarding the health and respective hygiene of an individual. Even doctors use some of the popular health-related application which helps them to remain updated with the latest information, provide details about drugs, and even get your daily tracking information from them.

With the advent of these applications, even the task of doctors has become quite easier as one can easily track the number of things by them. It will save the time of the doctor and even the patient for getting information about their body and the medicine which they should take. Each of these applications is updated daily to include all the latest information from the internet.

Top 9 Medical Applications for Doctors

Based on the usefulness and their applications we have discussed here 9 applications which can prove to be useful for any of the doctors. All these applications are developed so that they can promote healthcare app development and utilize them for the betterment of the society.

  1. Epocrates: This application is available for both the platform of iOS and Android. It will provide live information about the drugs and also regarding the interactions. Doctors can even find the other consultants and referrals available via this application.
  2. Pepid: Mainly this application is targeted towards the emergency physicians. Yet this application can provide to be useful for nurses, students, residents and many more.
  3. UpToDate: It will be useful for any of the doctors to get live information about any of the disease. Even clinical questions will be answered by this application.
  4. Medscape: A drug reference tool which is useful for getting all the information about a drug. Even there is a disease reference tool available which one can try out for finding the disease easily. News will also be available by the use of this application to make you updated.
  5. Doximity: Doctors are using this application as a social network. Even the application is claiming that around 70% of the physicians available in the US are its members. This application will help the doctors to communicate all the latest information with other doctors which are available over the platform. Even all the latest news will be available in this application which is frequently updated.
  6. Figure 1: One can share the medical images with the other doctors by using this application. It will help you to have the comments and opinions of thousands of different physicians. This will be helpful while you are dealing with a rare condition and wants to have a quick feedback from a number of doctors about that.
  7. Case: If you are fond of reading journal articles related to medical quite frequently then this application is the right one for you. It is currently supporting around 81 medical specialities and allows you to follow any of the more than 100,000 keywords.
  8. Read by QxMD: This application will help you to centralize all your medical journals so that you can read them when the need arises. Even there are many of the open access journals available too in this application which is linked with many different institutions.
  9. MDCalc: It is offering a large number of medical content written by a number of physicians. This will help the reader to get knowledge from the content and apply for any one of the decision tools for ensuring a specific care of the patient.


Thus, we can say that there are a large number of applications available in medical for the Doctor. Each of these applications is having their own unique speciality and hence is selected based on that. It will help the doctors in making the right selection of the kind of application which they want to have a right decision.

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